Blood Donation (900 x 579 px)

Employee Blood Donations Every Quarter

With “Blood is Life” motto, PMG employees have donated 2759 bags of blood

Approximately 200-250 of our staff come together every quarter and take time out of their off day to donate blood to the National Blood Bank. Peace Myanmar Group (PMG) provides them a free meal, transportation and t-shirt on this day. Myanmar society is based on doing good deeds, so this activity that we have done for 18 times resulting in 2759 bags of blood not only unite our staff across different departments and locations but also give something tangible and essential back to society.

Through this blood drive, a number of our staff also discovered some underlying disease they had not realized they had, which allow all of them to get timely medical treatment. For example, a driver discovered he had hepatitis B and fortunately got some life-saving treatment (partially funded by the company).

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