Generation Z (3-Bot) (900 x 579 px)

Pushing Boundaries with Premium Rum

Changing the Landscape of the Myanmar local spirits industry

Generation Z Rum, the first premium local rum, is Peace Myanmar Group (PMG)’s first foray into making more premium spirits for the domestic and international markets. With more than 27 years of experience making rums, gins and whiskies, we decided it was time to roll our sleeves up and put in effort to upgrade the local liquor landscape.

For a long time, Myanmar consumers only had two main choices – mass-market liquors by local distilleries or gray-market foreign liquors. Generation Z is the first Myanmar alcohol that targets the mass premium range at around 10 USD for a 700mL bottle.

With Generation Z Rum, we aim to make spirits that are international standard but respect traditional techniques. What makes Generation Z rum unique is that our master blender has crafted it using rum aged in local Yamanay wood and rum aged in American oakwood. This marriage creates a smooth, easy-to-drink rum that provides different layers of flavor notes that dance on the tongue.

Peace Myanmar Group (PMG) is proud to be the first local distillery that has introduce a premium Rum in Myanmar. We are very grateful for the massive support we are already seeing from customers, customers, our F&B partners, key opinion leaders and our employees.

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